United Irish Counties Bureau Makes Splendid Progress

The United Irish Counties Association Welfare Bureau has just passed its first month in operation, and from all reports it was badly needed for some time. The united Irish Counties during the two years that it has been going through a thorough reorganization has been promised a bureau of welfare and general information by its president, Matthew J. Troy. This object was a realized just four weeks ago, and since that time the bureau is the center of Irish activities in New York City. Its workings so far have more than justified the existence of the undertakings. 

The Irish Counties were indeed fortunate to obtain the services of Christopher Murray of County Westmeath to take charge of the bureau. Mr. Murray is giving his services free, and is certainly making splendid progress in the work of the bureau.

The affiliate county organizations send in their members to be taken care of. Non-members of the county organizations also come in. All names are placed on file and any assistance that may be obtained is given freely to all.

Naturalization is one of the main objects of the bureau. Over fifty cases have been taken care, some very difficult ones indeed. These difficult cases took quite a lot of time, but we finally succeeded in getting their affairs straightened out with the Labor Department. 

Evening school data is under the direction of Joseph Laffen, M.A., a teacher in one of our New York high schools. Mr. Laffen is a delegate from the Limerick Men’s Association, and he has offered his services to this particular field, with which he is so well acquainted. Professor Laffen will be at the bureau three nights each wee, so that interested parties may call and receive their information first-hand.

The employment department under the able direction of Mr. Murray, has accomplished some wonderful work in placing men in positions; not many, but enough to make the effort worth while. The ladies have been more fortunate in this respect. Already 23 people have been placed in regular employment by this bureau. The services of the bureau are open to men and women alike.

Welfare Department– This department is also under the direction of Mr. Murray and the assistance he has been able to render in this respect makes his work all the more encourage. Cases of urgency have been attended to with great success.

The bureau, which has been badly needed for our people for some time, has, on the whole, done some splendid progressive work. You will hear dissatisfaction expressed, no doubt, by some disappointed or overzealous persons who did not fare exactly the way they wanted to in their respective cases. This is to be expected in all similar undertakings.

If you hear any dissatisfaction voiced, it is your duty as an Irishman to counteract any bad influence. 

Call around any day or night and see for yourself the conditions as they really and truly are.

Mr. Laffen will be at the bureau every Tuesday and Thursday night from 7 to 10 pm and on Saturday afternoons.