The U.I.C.A Bureau – Educational Department

The United Irish Counties are now doing their utmost to carry on the work for which they were organized. The Bureau at the Knights of Columbus Hotel, the hope of our able president, Matthew Troy, is now in operation, and is under the capable direction of Christopher J. Murray. Already he has handled quite a number of cases relative to poor relief, naturalization and employment. If you are in trouble and need help, see Mr. Murray. His kind sympathetic advice and help will, I am sure, make light of your troubles.

The educational department of this bureau which I have the privilege of directing, cannot be stressed sufficiently. The object of this department is to help all those who wish to continue or improve their education. We cannot but feel grateful to the land of our adoption for the wonderful system of education which it has thrown open to those who wish to avail of it. Our grammar schools, high schools, and colleges are in session, morning, afternoon, evening and night, in order to cater to those who wish to attend school at any time. The best way to show our appreciation for such great advantages in education would be to avail of the opportunities offered, and thereby be a credit both to the land of our adoption and the land of our birth.

The object of the educational department of the United Irish Counties Bureau is to help those who wish to attend school and who through some misunderstanding of the credit system here, as compared to that of Ireland, cannot be placed in the proper class. All such obstacles can be removed, with little difficulty, and no cost.

Now is the to get busy and ready for the February school term. If you are desirous of attending school and do not know the regular procedure, or perhaps you may have some difficulty about being placed in the class for which you are best suited, either write to our office, or to the offices of this paper. Rest assured of a prompt and satisfactory reply. Those of you who may have time, should come to our offices on Tuesday or Thursday evening, between seven and ten p.m. Since to talk over a matter is at all times more enlightening , I would suggest the latter course, for all those who can come at such hours.

Following are answers to letters received:

Mr. C.K. 173d Street:
Your credits from night school are sufficient to warrant your entrance into high school. Since you intend entering law school at a future date, I suggest that you take the regular classical course. George Washington High School would be most convenient for you. See Mr. Boylan, the Principal.

Miss N.R. 147th Street:
It is necessary that you have a high school diploma or the equivalent before entering nurses’ training school. I would like to know what education you have had before suggesting where you should apply.

Mr. J.R. 73d Street:
I think it is possible for you to received your first papers. Mr. Murray, director of our bureau, has handled similar cases very satisfactorily. I suggest you see him at the bureau.

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