Cusack Park – New York Westmeath Gaels Financial Rally

At the last meeting of Westmeath Co. Committee G.A.A. the following letter was read from the Westmeath Men’s Association, New York:–

Westmeath Men’s S. & B. Association
Central Opera House
205 East 67th Street
New York

Mr. John Garland, Streamstown
Co. Westmeath, Ireland

Dear,– Last summer you wrote to the president of our Association, Mr. James Weston, explaining to him, as I recall, the magnificent work that the members of the Gaelic Athletic Association has undertaken in Mullingar, and that this necessitated considerable funds to complete the project, and that perhaps the Westmeath Men’s Association might be interested in assisting in a monetary way. It is needless for me to assure you that the members of our Association, many of whom were shining lights in the Gaelic football arena around the old country a few years back, were only too delighted to respond, which made the work of our esteemed president, who was so eager and anxious to assist, all the more pleasant.

His first act, therefore was to form a committee. This accomplished, a plan was adopted whereby we felt that a considerable sum could be secured. The organisation permitted us to run a popularity contest in conjunction with their annual ball although we were fairly successful we fell far short of our expectations, however, we realised 300.00 dollars– close on £60.

We have now this money lodged in the bank and ready to forward to your committee upon request. In connection with this matter I might say that the committee convened a few evenings ago and deplored the fact that the rate of exchange is so unfavourable at the present time that they thought, perhaps, if it remained in the bank here for a short time, in an anticipation of an increase in the dollar, that it would be more beneficial to your committee.

It was thought too, and thoroughly discussed at this meeting that we offer to your committee as a matter of suggestion, that part of the proceeds which we are sending to be used for a county of intercounty trophy, to be linked in some way with the Westmeath Men’s Association. This, Mr. Garland, is merely a suggestion and should in no way influence your committee in the disposition of the money.

I am sorry I did not have the pleasure of meeting you when I was over there in 1932. I presume you were in the firing line at Tullamore, on that unfortunate summer afternoon when Westmeath lost in her attempt to win the three championships, notwithstanding the valiant efforts put forth by each team to win. I was an interested but keenly disappointed spectator on that occasion. Now with your new Park and proper facilities for work and practice, with the wisdom and foresight that thought of and planned it, I feel sure that a repetition of that day shell never come again to the boys that so nobly upheld the tradition of the men of Westmeath.

With kindest personal regards to your self and your illustrious co-worker, Captain Cowan, and to each member of the committee who worked so hard and zealously to the youth of Westmeath a playground that means so much to their future development.

— Very truly yours,

The reading of the letter was received with applause, and after Rev. P. Dunne, Capt. P. Cowan, Mr. D. Leavy, Mr. Paddy Carey and other delegates had expressed their appreciation of an gratitude for this generous subscription towards the Park Funds from their fellow county men in New York, it was proposed by Mr. M. Casey, Milltown, seconded by Mr. B. Walsh, Mullingar, and passed unanimously, that the letter be incorporated in the minutes and that the best thanks of the County Committee be conveyed to the Westmeath Men’s Association through their esteemed Secretary, Mr. Christopher Murray

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