Letter to Captain P. Cowan, Westmeath County Secretary

To Captain P. Cowan

My Dear Captain Cowan,– It gives me great pleasure to respond to your very interesting and delightful letter of May 4th in which you gave a brief outline of the activities of Cusack Memorial Park.

The only exception noted was your request that we name the trophy. The organisation feels that this is your prerogative to do as you will concerning it.

The entire membership, quite familiar with your achievements under the most trying conditions, thrilled to your letter. With regard to myself I heard from Patrick O’Keefe, Secretary to the Central Council, while he was here with the Kerry team last year, of the difficulties which you had to overcome and the sacrifice which you were called upon to make. After listening to Mr. O’Keefe, we could not but be inspired by the splendid character of the work and the determination that prompted it as well as the excellent motive behind it.

The undertaking was gigantic and the ultimate reward will be found in the glories and triumphs of its fulfillment. When the Gaelic Athletic history of our age is written, it will record in indelible letters that in the preparation for its golden jubilee, the outstanding achievement was the purchase of the Cusack Memorial Park for Westmeath. Future generations will look back on this wise undertaking as it will have most beneficial results on the young manhood of the country from whose ranks will be recruited the future athletes who will carry on the good works so nobly begun by Michael Cusack, the Davin Brothers, and other famous Irishmen whose memory will for ever live.

We are glad to have the privilege and honour of being humble factors in helping to raise the amount which the enclosed draft represents, viz: £60.

In conclusion, I may assure you what I voice the best wishes of the entire membership of the Westmeath Men’s Association for the success of your venture and with hearty good wishes for each and every member of your excellent Committee. With kindest personal regards.

Yours very truly,

Christopher Murray

412 E. 202nd Street,

New York

June 18th, 1934