Westmeath Men’s New York Association

Due to the success of the recent popularity contest sponsored by the Westmeath Men’s Social and Benevolent Association in conjunction with their annual ball, they were enabled to forward a draft for three hundred dollars to the Cusack Park Memorial Committee, Mullingar.

This now park, excelled by only Croke Park, Dublin, is located in a most prominent site in the old historic town and it has been stated that it is the only Gaelic Park in Ireland dedicated to the famous founder of the Gaelic Athletic Association, the Golden Jubilee of which is being celebrated this year.

In writing to the Association, Capt. Cowan, Secretary of the Co. Committee, has said, among other things:

“The County Committee and the Gaels of Westmeath are delighted that they have your practical support and generous assistance in carrying out a work which has already done much to foster and advance the Gaelic movement not only in Westmeath but right through the Midlands. One example in providing a Gaelic Park owned and controlled by the Gaels themselves is being followed in Meath, in Offaly, in Longford, and in several other counties.

“We appreciate all you have done for us at a time when conditions made it extremely difficult to help, and are happy in the knowledge that we have the full support and co-operation of all Westmeath men and women in the great national work we have undertaken.

“Cusack Park,” he continues, “will do much to improve the standards of our hurlers, footballers, and athletes. Important championship fixtures can now be decided in Mullingar every year and our boys and girls will therefore get many opportunities of seeing and of competing against the foremost athletes. Such competition must bring about great improvement in athletic activities in the County and we look forward to the time not far distant, when Westmeath will be able to take its place in the athletic arena with the best of Ireland.”

It is quite apparent that Capt. Cowan and his brother officers are determined to bring the All-Ireland championship to Westmeath in the very near future and the Westmeath Men’s Association would do well to begin preparations for the American invasion of their kith and kin.

The energetic committee who had charge of the popularity contest were– Michael Carolan, Ballymahon, Chairman; Christopher Murray, Raharney, Secretary; James J. Weston, Streamstown, Treasurer.

Others on the committee were–Matthew Delahanty, Moate; James Gavin, Mount Temple; James McAllister, Mullingar; Christopher Coroon, Curraghmore; Bernard J. Troy, Ballyncargy; John Kelly, Terrycrew, KIllbeggan and Thomas Keenan, Mountnugent.

It will be remember the winner of the popularity contest was Miss Mollie Byrnes, Ballynacargy, and the round trip ticket was won by Mrs. J. Duffy, Monte.