Complete Feis Program For Sunday, Sept. 23

Minister MacWhite to Speak Over 1,200 Entries

Mr. John O’Connor, chairman of the United Irish Counties Feis Committee, announces that the Feis will be officially opened at 1 p.m., with the Irish Free State Minister, the Hon. Michael MacWhite, officiating. The chairman of the Entries Committee states that he has over 1,200 entrants in the 48 competitions that will be run off on that day; he also wishes to inform all entrants to be at the Coliseum not later than 12:30 p.m., so that the ceremonies can start at 1 p.m. sharp.

Mr. O’Connor called the first meeting of the Feis last April, and at that time stated that all such committee chairmen, appointed by him, would have to attend every meeting of the committee and render their report. This policy has been very successful so far, and as his opening ceremonies draw near he is able to give a very satisfactory report of the assistance his sub-committee chairmen have rendered him.

The chairman appointed by Mr. O’Connor are as follows; Andrew Trimble, entries; M.D. Fitzgerald, instrumental music; Michael Bennett, prizes; Thomas Finnerty, vocal section; Marty Lydon, reception committee; Jack Moore, step-dancing; John Donnelly, ball committee; Christopher O’Grady, radio committee; William Burke, general activities.

Martin Lydon, chairman of the reception committee, has selected the following committee to receive the Irish Free State Minister with him: Judge William O’Dwyer, Joseph F. McLoughlin, Christopher Murray, Michael D. Fitzgerald and Patrick Twohig.

Joseph Brennan, chairman of the Bronx Borough committee and treasurer of the Feis, has selected a committee to meet the Minister on his arrival in that borough. The following are also chairmen of committees: Patrick Heaney, chairman of the door committee; Miss K. Kearney, chairlady of the badge committee; Peador O’Callaghan, chairman, Gaelic committee; Mae Nugent, chairlady of the ladies’ auxiliary, and John Donnelly, chairman of the ball committee.

William Burke, chairman of general activities, announces the following program will be adhered to: the official opening will be at 1 o’clock sharp, with the chairman, John O’Connor, presiding. Mr. O’Connor will present Counsellor Paul O’Dwyer, president of the United Irish Counties Association, who, in a brief address, will welcome the gathering on behalf of the Irish people of Greater New York.

Door Committee

  • Patrick Heaney, chairman
  • Joseph Brennan
  • Jack Mannix
  • Patrick Devine
  • Thomas Corrigan
  • Bernard McCabe
  • Christopher McHugh
  • George Murray

Vocal Committee

  • Thomas Finnerty, chairman
  • Charles Walpole
  • Vincent O’Connell
  • J. O’Reilly

Badge Committee

  • Kathleen Kearney, chairlady
  • Mrs. Cordial
  • Miss Moran
  • Lillian Morris
  • Maureen Mulcahy
  • Mae Waiters
  • Mrs. Plunkett

Floor Committee

  • Joseph Townley, chairman
  • Richard O’Brien
  • Michael Carolan
  • Francis Drum
  • Edward Hoey
  • Francis Boylan

Dance Committee

  • John Moore, chairman
  • William Traynor
  • Mary O’Farrell
  • Kathleen Kearney
  • Betty Mulcahy
  • George Kelly
  • James McNamara
  • Philip Mulcahy

Prize Committee

  • Michael Bennett, chairman
  • William Honan
  • Christopher Murray
  • John J. McGinn
  • Michael McNally
  • Jeremiah Campion

Radio Committee

  • Chris O’Grady, chairman
  • Joseph Connelly
  • James A. Hayden
  • John Keane
  • Joseph Lydon
  • Michael Collins

Entries Committee

  • Andrew Trimble, chairman
  • William Tiernan
  • Sheila Crohan
  • John McLoughlin
  • Kathleen Kearney
  • Michael Kelly

Gaelic Section Committee

  • Peador O’Callaghan, chairman
  • Joseph Davitt
  • John Mullen
  • John Scanlon
  • Mrs. Catherine Feeley

General Activities

  • William Burke, chairman
  • John Keane
  • Joseph Lydon
  • Christopher O’Grady
  • James Hayden
  • A. Collins Healy
  • Thomas Albert
  • Paul O’Dwyer
  • Matthew J. Troy

Reception Committee

  • John J. O’Connor, chairman
  • Patrick Twohig
  • Christopher Murray
  • Martin Lydon
  • Michael D. Fitzgerald
  • William O’Dwyer
  • Joseph McLoughlin
  • John J. McGinn

Ladies’ Auxiliary

  • May Nugent, chairlady
  • Sheila Crohan
  • Delia Kelly
  • Margaret O’Brien
  • Mary McDonald
  • Anna Flynn
  • Ann Mulligan
  • Cathleen Mannix
  • Bina Keating
  • Noreen Collins
  • Mrs. Cunningham
  • Mrs. Slattery
  • Margaret O’Connell
  • Mrs. Plunkett
  • Judy Goode
  • Agnes Clarke
  • Mrs. J. Gallagher
  • Catherine Coyne
  • Peg. Hammill
  • Alice Hammill
  • G. Graham
  • May McGee
  • Kathleen Morris

Ball Committee

  • John Donnelly, chairman
  • William Honan
  • William Walsh
  • Daniel Brophy
  • Charles Walpole
  • Joseph Sheehan
  • John Murphy
  • Richard O’Brien
  • Gregory Kavanaugh
  • Joseph McLoughlin
  • Frank Monahan
  • Philip Cahill
  • Thomas Fenton
  • John McGinn
  • Patrick Devine
  • John N—
  • Joseph Townley
  • Francis Boylan
  • Gerald Maloney
  • Edward Byrnes
  • Martin Lydon
  • Frank Lee

Mr. O’Dwyer will present the Hon. Michael MacWhite and the Hon. Leo McCauley, Consul General at New York. The 1,200 competitors in their various costumes will form a parade, headed by the various pipe, fife, and drum bands competing.

At the close of the Feis there will be a prize winners’ ball, to which all are invited free of charge. Mr. Sean Hayes and his orchestra of 15 pieces will supply the music for the dancing.

A prize winners’ concert will be held at the MacMillan Theatre at Columbia University on the following Thursday, September 27. The prize committee states that they have over 600 trophies, medals and other prizes on hand. These will positively be distributed as soon as the various contests are over.

Among the trophies presented to date are:

  • Archbishop MacHale Trophy by the Mayo Men’s Associatoin
  • St. Fenton Trophy by the Leix Men’s Association
  • Donegal Trophy by the Donegal Men’s Association
  • Count Plunkett Trophy by the Roscommon Men’s Association
  • Father Tom Burke Trophy by the Galway Men’s Association
  • Sligo Men’s Trophy
  • Clare Men’s Trophy
  • Cork Men’s Trophy
  • James J. Hoey Trophy
  • Postmaster General James A. Farley Trophy
  • James J. Hines Trophy
  • Dr. Rilken Trophy
  • Fermanagh Men’s Association
  • Antrim Men’s Association
  • Matthew J. Troy Trophy
  • Maher Travel Bureau Trophy
  • Judge William O’Dwyer Trophy
  • Daniel Reeves Trophy
  • James Butler Trophy
  • Hon. Joseph McGoldrick Trophy
  • Longford Men’s Trophy
  • Irish Industries
  • Irish Students’ League
  • Bronx Celtic Society
  • Taylor & Co.
  • Candidate for Comptroller, Frank J. Taylor
  • J. Jameson & Co.

And many other prize donors.

The Coliseum can be reached by the Lexington avenue, East 180th Street, I. R. T. Subway, and the Seventh Avenue, Bronx Park, I. R. T. to 177 Street Station, which is right at the entrance to the Coliseum.