Christopher J Murray Meets With Irish Free State Minister Michael MacWhite

michael macwhite, irish free state minister

On this day of the annual Irish feis in New York, Christopher J. Murray was one of six individuals selected by the United Irish Counties Association to escort and welcome Irish Free State Minister Michael MacWhite to the event.

MacWhite was the official Irish Ambassador to the United States. “In 1929, MacWhite was appointed Minister Plenipotentiary and Envoy Extraordinary of the Irish Free State to the United States, with a mandate to consolidate and encourage existing ties between Irish America and Ireland and to promote trade agreements between the two countries. He was an extremely energetic and popular diplomat in Washington circles and succeeded in cultivating contacts with the powerful Irish-American community and the Catholic hierarchy.” – Source

In addition to the reception committee, Murray was also on the prize committee. Murray’s importance at the 10,000-person event, sometimes described as a guest of honor, was also a matter of fact that the proceeds of the feis were said to be exclusively appropriated to the U.I.C.A’s Welfare Bureau, of which Murray was the founder and director.

Photo above is of Irish Free State Minister Michael MacWhite.