Dr. Hyde’s Interest in The New York Feis

August 21, 1935

Dear Mr. Trimble:

I have read with great interest and pleasure about the Feis that is to be held in New York in October. I do hope it may be very successful and show our countrymen and women that we have a civilization of our own.

I am quite sure that the Feis will be a new departure for the bulk of the Irish in New York, but in my opinion it is a very necessary one. Alas! Many of the good Irishmen who helped me when I was there nearly thirty years ago have passed away, but I shall never forget all their kindness. The reception they gave enabled me to travel through the rest of the States with a certain prestige.

The money they so generously gave us at that time helped to win the University fight and it placed Ireland’s feet upon the road which she has been traveling ever since. 

With all good wishes for the success of the Feis.

Mise do cara.

An Craoibin (Douglas Hyde)