About This Site

This website is focused around Christopher J. Murray, a native of Raharney, Co. Westmeath, who emigrated from Ireland to New York City in 1894. Murray lived from 1871 – 1936.

During his life, his firsthand accounts of the Irish in New York were regularly reported throughout New York and Westmeath. He was a major contributor, leader, and spokesperson for several Irish organizations in New York City. Newspapers regularly cited his accounts and promoted activities that he was involved in. Murray appears in nearly 1,000 newspaper articles across the United States and Ireland during a 40-year span. When he died, the loss was felt deeply in New York City’s Irish community. Time almost erased his legacy.

This website is a work in progress managed by his descendants. Consider what you see to be incomplete and unfinished. In addition to tales passed down through the generations, we have been able to corroborate, re-discover, and re-publish numerous copies of Murray’s original reporting. This is complemented by recently recovered newspaper accounts of his life, his immediate family and their activities.

In time, we hope to share it all in a readable timeline-friendly format that anyone can follow. During Murray’s life, he encountered many famous and forgotten Irishmen. Perhaps he crossed paths with your ancestors along the way. This website is certainly a tribute to the original Raharney Rover, the pen name he wrote stories under for The Westmeath Examiner, but more importantly, it’s a tribute to all of the Irish who came to New York and America during this special period of history.

For all inquiries, e-mail: admin@raharneyrover.com