Christopher J. Flanagan

Christopher J. Flanagan

Born: October 15, 1871 in Raharney, Co. Westmeath

Died: March 2, 1934 in New York City (obituary)

Flanagan was the co-organizer and first president of the Raharney Rover Club of New York City. He formed it with Christopher J. Murray, who took the title of Secretary. Flanagan and Murray were neighbors and classmates in the Village of Raharney. The Flanagans owned 3 houses adjacent to two of the homes owned by the Murrays.


Spouse: Mary

Parents: Hugh Flanagan and Elizabeth Cooke


  • John Flanagan – Born 8/10/1873
  • Elizabeth Flanagan – Born 2/28/1877
  • Patrick Flanagan – Born 4/2/1879
  • Bridget Flanagan – Born 5/14/1880
  • Thomas Flanagan – Born 11/7/1881
  • Hugh Flanagan – Born 2/11/1891


  • John Flanagan
  • James Flanagan