Henry Athanasius Brann

Monsignor Henry A. BrannMonsignor Henry Athanasius Brann was the rector of St. Agnes Church in New York, NY from 1890 – 1921.

Born: 1837 in Parkstown, Co. Meath, Ireland

Died: 1921 in New York, New York

He was a prolific writer. Below is an incomplete catalog of his works:


1866 – Curious Questions

1873 – Truth and Error

1875 – A Politico-historical Essay on the Popes as Protectors of Popular Liberty

1880 – The Age of Unreason : being a reply to Thomas Paine, Robert Ingersoll, Felix Adler, O.B. Frothingham, and other American rationalists

1881 – Heathendom and Revelation

monsignor henry athanasius brann - st. agnes church new york1882

  • The Spirituality and Immortality of the Human Soul, a Reply to the Materialists
  • The Opening of the Schools

1883 – Martin Luther

1884 – The Catholic Temperance Cause: The Theology, Medicine, Law, and Politics of the Temperance Question

1885 – Hegel and His New England Echo


  • The Borgia Myth
  • “Dude” Metaphysics
  • Dr. Hammond As an Amateur Theologian

1887 – Henry George and his Land Theories (Essay)

1888 – Kelly’s Universal First Reader

1889 – The Real Jesuit as Exemplified in the Life of Rev. Theodore Thiry, S.J.

1890 – Hymn to the Blessed Virgin: For two-part female chorus (musical score)

1892 –

  • The Schism of the West and Freedom of Papal Elections
  • Most Reverend John Hughes, First Archbishop of New York
  • Mr. Cahensly and the Church in the United States

1895 – The Glories of the Catholic Church, the Catholic Christian Instructed in Defence of His Faith


  • How the Church Honors the Medical Profession
  • The Novels of the Henryk Sienkiewicz and Dismembered Poland


1903 – John Aloysius Mooney, LL. D: A biographical sketch


  • The Universal Primer
  • Indulgences

1909 – Waifs and strays : being a collection of some sermons, some lectures, essays, etc. of Rev. Henry A. Brann

1910 – History of the American College of the Roman Catholic Church of the United States, Rome, Italy


  • Bonitatem, Disciplinam Et Scientiam, Doce Me: A discource delivered before the students of the College of Mount Saint Vincent-on-Hudson, New York City
  • Thou Art as Pure as Beam of Golden Dawn (musical score)
  • The March of the Parish Schools (musical score)

1916 – Christian Education: Necessary to the Stability of the State


Letter from President Theodore Roosevelt to Brann

roosevelt to brann