Westmeath Women | To Father Magee | The Daughters of Westmeath Present the Sogarth of their youthful acquaintance with a Watch and Address.

Under above headings the “Irish-American Advocate” or 14th Feb, publishes the following: – Never was a man given a warmer or more cordial welcome than was tendered to Rev J L Magee on last Saturday night by the women of Westmeath at Jennings’ Hall, 65th Street and 3rd Avenue. To much praise cannot be given… Continue reading Westmeath Women | To Father Magee | The Daughters of Westmeath Present the Sogarth of their youthful acquaintance with a Watch and Address.

Westmeath Social Smokes | Entertainment And Reception.

The following cutting from the “Sunday Union,” New York is of interest:- “How lovely are the Westmeath dales, Its rivers and its hills; I dearly love its verdant vales, Its crisping, rippling rills.” If the Bard of Balrath, who mused the above verse, was present at the reception and entertainment given by the “Social Smokes”… Continue reading Westmeath Social Smokes | Entertainment And Reception.

Catholic Club Games

At the Catholic Club games C.J. Murray won the three hundred yard run, and the New West Side relay team finished second. The total score of the club for the day was six firsts, four seconds, and eight thirds.

Timothy Murray Died

On this day, Timothy Murray passed away in Raharney, Co. Westmeath. According to death records, he had been suffering from “Broncho Pneumonia” for a month prior and that was listed as his cause of death. His son, Michael Murray, was present at the time of his death. Timothy’s profession was listed as: Bootmaker. Timothy was… Continue reading Timothy Murray Died

Got Married

Christopher J Murray was wed to Mary Casserly. Location: Immaculate Conception Church at 414 E . 14th Street, New York, NY. Casserly was born April 26, 1879 in Hill O’Down, Croboy, County Meath in Ireland. Among those present was John Murray (Christopher’s brother) and Mary M. Donohue.

Westmeath Men’s Ball

The ball of the Westmeath Men’s Association, which was held last Monday evening, at the Lexington Opera House, was a great success, socially and financially. There were several hundred couples in the grand march, which was led by Thomas F. Murtha and lady. The pleasure was contributed to in no small measure by the good… Continue reading Westmeath Men’s Ball

Began Working at Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

Christopher J Murray is reported to have begun working at the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company in New York’s “middle district” on February 17, 1896. He is said to have left the company soon after but returned on August 5, 1901 and was assigned to the Murray Hill District of Manhattan. The attached image is of… Continue reading Began Working at Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

Raharney To The Front

(From the New York Catholic Sunday Union) Of the may forms of entertainments that have been offered during the past fortnight to divert the public attention, none has received more popularity than the one given by the Raharney Rovers at the spacious hall adjoining their club room, 37 East Forty-second street. It was on the… Continue reading Raharney To The Front

Began Working For James Butler Grocery Company

The date is approximate, but after Christopher J Murray’s arrival in New York City, he went to work for a grocer named James Butler. Butler, also a native of Ireland, soon went on to open hundreds of stores and become a multimillionaire.

Arrived in America

Records indicate that the Southwark arrived in Philadelphia on October 5th, 1894. From here, Christopher J Murray is said to have traveled north to New York City

Set Sail For America

Christopher J Murray first traveled to England to board the Southwark at Liverpool. Records indicate that the ship traveled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Margaret Murray (White)

On this day, Margaret Murray, née White, passed away in Raharney, Co. Westmeath of Rheumatic gout that she has suffered from for 7 years and Exhaustion. Her profession was listed as: Wife of a bootmaker Her husband, Timothy Murray, was present at her time of death. Margaret was Christopher J. Murray’s mother.

Aiding The Evicted

On the 27th Nov, at Riverdale, Raharney, a widow named Lynch and her family were evicted by Mr. Briscoe and were sheltered by a neighbour Mr. Christopher Casserly. A subscription having been started, and the following having kindly collected– Messrs C Casserly, E Lynch, J Smith, C Cunningham, J Coyne, James Cusack, C Neill, and… Continue reading Aiding The Evicted

Started a New Job

Christopher J Murray began working at Laurence O’Rourke, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant in the year in which the establishment opened. Address: 72 & 73 Dorset Street Upper, on the corner of Eccles Street. “Larry O’Rourkes” is immortalized in Ulysses, a famous novel authored by Irish writer James Joyce that was published in 1922.… Continue reading Started a New Job

Christopher Murray Witnesses One of The Greatest Track Races in Ireland’s History

On August 20, 1887, Christopher J Murray, then only 16, but already living in Dublin as a grocer’s apprentice, is said to have witnessed and advised (as a fellow track athlete) renown middle-distance runner Tommy Conneff in his epic race against Edward Carter. In what was classified as one of the greatest races in the… Continue reading Christopher Murray Witnesses One of The Greatest Track Races in Ireland’s History

Moved to Dublin

Christopher J Murray became an apprentice for James D’Arcy, family grocer in Dublin. He worked there from 1887 to 1893. In a written letter recommendation, D’Arcy said that Murray had risen to the level of assistant in which he was fully competent to take charge of the business in his absence and strongly recommended him… Continue reading Moved to Dublin

Puddin’ Row

The Murrays lived on Puddin’ Row in Raharney, Westmeath in walking distance to St. Brigid’s Church. The house on the property was torn down decades ago but the location is easily discoverable in this modern day thanks to a pathway sign that marks the spot as Puddin’ Lane. A local Raharney native, Shay Murtagh, said… Continue reading Puddin’ Row


Christopher J Murray was born in Raharney, Westmeath, Ireland. Father: Timothy Murray Mother: Margaret Murray (White) Siblings: Christina Murray: January 1, 1864 – 1949 (Died in Ireland) Patrick Murray: December 3, 1866 – November 1930 (Died in Ireland) Thomas Murray: March 18, 1869 – 1918 (Died in New York City) John Murray: February 10, 1873… Continue reading Born