Raharney Rover Social Club of New York City

The original members of the Raharney Rover Social Club of New York City, as recorded in 1896:

President: Christopher J. Flanagan

Secretary: Christopher J. Murray


The Murray Brothers


The Grattan Brothers

  • James Grattan
  • Joseph Grattan
  • Patrick Grattan


The Flanagan Family


The Fitzsimmons Brothers

  • Michael Fitzsimmons
  • John Fitzsimmons



    • F McKenna and Kate Barns
    • Charles Hughes and wife
    • Thomas Hughes (Mary Flanagan’s date)
    • Walter Tobin and Miss Manning
    • John O’Brien and wife
    • John Shaughnessy and Mary Whyte
    • Patrick Garly and lady
    • William Killduff and wife
    • Joseph Creighton and wife
    • Mr. Swords an wife
    • Eddie Made and Jennie Keane
    • M Shelly and lady
    • P Smyth and lady
    • J Shelly and lady
    • John Burke and Miss Anne Whyte
    • Miss McNamee (Patrick Flanagan’s date)
    • Annie Russell (John Murray’s date)
    • Jennie Coyne (Joseph Grattan’s date)
    • Annie Montgomery (Joseph Murray’s date)
    • Maggie Murphy (Patrick Grattan’s date)
    • Julia Lynch (John Fitzsimmons’ date)
    • Mrs. Fitzsimmons (Michael Fitzsimmons’ wife/date)